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Laana Maji: Wakazi

It has come to our attention that, while the residents of Laana Maji know exactly who and what they are talking about at any given time, they are the only ones. To make it easier on any visitors, we at the Office have decided to put together this index. In it, you should find everything you need to know about the things you may have come across. However, should you find some necessary details lacking, feel free to put in an Information Request with one of our employees.

Fairly standard as Laana-related happenings go, zombies are prevalent throughout the town. They're mostly harmless, being less interested in eating humans and more invested in wandering the cemetery in the middle of the night. The local grave-keepers keep them from getting out onto the streets, though sometimes Laana lets them out; still, it's a fairly simple matter to dispose of the corpses. Typically they are seen in various stages of decay, with missing parts and exposed innards. They aren't actually green; no photographs are available due to the fact that most people don't find them appealing enough to take pictures of.

Due to the harmless-but-entertaining nature of these classic undead, the residents often throw parties in their name, typically based around the idea of a "zombie takeover" and involving imitation "zombie survival gear" and weapons that would be used to fend of hordes of shambling animated corpses.
Necromancer cat
A black cat that is able to resurrect and control corpses. Only one has been properly identified thus far, but there could be more hiding somewhere. He seems to understand human speech.

The necromancer cat is one of the primary sources of the Gravekeepers' headaches, finding it amusing to have zombies trample the flowers and rot all over the grass. Skye made a deal with one to house it in exchange for an easier time, but that doesn't apply to the other Keepers, and it doesn't stop the cat from causing problems during the daytime.
Undead puppies
They're undead, and they're puppies. They're really cute, but in true puppy fashion they can make a bit of a mess, especially when they drop a limb or start bleeding.

But they're cute, so we forgive them.
The Fountain
Located in the heart of the slums, this fountain is best known for its cursed coin collection and the various liquids that flow through it, usually blood. No one is entirely sure how it got there.
Cursed Coins
Everyone knows about the cursed coins; their nature is so known, in fact, that no one really mentions it.
The greasy, artful remains of a creature long past, these little entities are more or less oil paint rats. They infest and multiply and get squished...well, maybe they're more like oil paint roaches.
The Blind Cyclops Owl
He's a blind owl with one eye. The residents suspect he's psychic.
The Church of Decay
Once a magnificent church, time, weather, and teenagers have taken their toll on the building. Still, the church is a sacred place of protecting, even without a complete roof...or a complete anything else.
Tina can often be found here if one needs assistance maintaining their spiritual sanitation.
The Well
You can make wishes. Sure. You can do a lot of things with it. This well doesn't feel right.

This index will be updated as needed.