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Laana Maji: Wakazi

Information courtesy of Skye's notebook.

It has become apparent to us at the Office that, given the number of Residents in this town, it may be helpful to provide some information about them, so that visitors may better understand them. Therefore, we have compiled some data about the Residents that have been met thus far. Here, you should find everything you need to know about the people in town. However, should you find some necessary details lacking, feel free to put in an Information Request with one of our employees.

Bex is the resident shoe-shiner, taking up space on whatever street has people in it. All gossip eventually reaches her ears, and she shares it with anyone that asks. We doubt if there's anything that happens that she doesn't know about.
She's generally calm about life and all the weirdness that goes on in Laana, and she doesn't seem to mind most of the troubles that come with it. However, she has stated that she isn't good at dealing with James.
A word of advice, though: if you see her, don't mention that stray bit of hair in front of her face. She seems to not want to think about it.
Skye's "official" title is Keeper of Tuesday; as fancy as it may sound, it just means she's the grave-keeper on Tuesday nights at the local zombie-filled cemetery.
She spends her spare time researching psychic something-or-other and paranormal happenings and doesn't seem concerned about anything in particular, even threats to her own life. This may have something to do with beating up the undead once a week or her ability to intuit a person's weaknesses. In fact, the only thing that seems to bother her is the thought of making Kelly unhappy.
Skye keeps a record of the residents and happenings of Lanna in a journal. While most of the information is freely given, there are a couple pages labelled "Top Secret".
James spends a lot of time with Susie, despite what her reaction to his arrival at the Zombie Party may have you believe. Together, they cause a fair bit of trouble for anyone within two blocks of them.
Outside of crashing parties with poor replicas of chainsaws, he tends to leave his personal belongings in places where they really shouldn't be; whether this is a series of pranks or simply signs of dementia creeping in remains to be seen.
Susie is a bit creepy, but mostly she's just noisy. She likes collecting things, which has her house more than a little cluttered, and appears to have a plan for everything, though she's yet to say exactly what those plans may be.
She can't stand changes, as you may have heard from her reaction to the changes in her cable plan. It may be a sign of mental instability, but we're also entertaining the theory that puberty was especially cruel to her.
Susie fancies herself an artist. If she asks for your opinion on a project, we request that you compliment her and apologize for how difficult you may find it to be.
Matt's a pretty cool guy. He does pretty much anything he wants and never seems to get injured, regardless of the obvious dangers involved. He also has a tendency to disappear sometimes.
He's good with dogs, especially the undead kind, which might be attributed to some minor mind control skills.
He took up medicine for a semester but that never really panned out. However, it does add "open surgeries of questionable nature" to his list of acquired skills.
Kelly is an interesting person, in that no one really knows much about him. He and Skye seem to be fighting for the title of "palest kid in town" and his face is one of the biggest mysteries in Laana, but that's really all that can be said for certain.
Well, that and things happen around him. And they're usually very unpleasant. This is likely due to the incredibly dense, dark aura that hangs around him, or he could be involved in something else, but no one knows. Skye suspects he could be hell-spawn but that's probably a joke (or so we'd like to hope).
He's drafted Matt into taking care of his house and it's a well-known secret that he is the reason for Matt's mysterious disappearances. No one seems to mind, though.
At first glance, Leslie appears to be cold-hearted, but in truth she's a fairly normal girl. She likes puppies regardless of their stage of decay and enjoys dying her hair in various unnatural colours.
She's a bit mysterious but that may just be because she's boring.
Amber works as a waitress at one of the cafes downtown. She's friendly and pleasant. A bit on the fanatical side, though.
She's got a prosthetic leg thanks to an incident relating to martinis and something thus far unspeakable, but it doesn't slow her down any.
Jason is a mechanic--a really, really good mechanic, actually. Amber seems to think he's magic, and we're inclined to believe it.
He's a bit weird and very shy, but so far nothing too disturbing has happened around him, as far as we know.
Derek can find almost anything, and no one dares ask how he accomplishes such a thing. If we do, we risk losing such a valuable skill, and even without that risk he's just a really scary guy.
He snapped, once. His reign as Villain of the Day ended quickly, but he quite likely has never forgiven the people who stopped him and is planning his revenge in between fetch-errands.
Similarly to Derek, Tina is able to find anything for anyone interested. Unlike him, however, she doesn't have a record of violent outbursts or attempts to take over the world. On the contrary; she's a very nice girl that knows everyone in town. She's a bit easy to influence, though, which is probably why she works for the Church of Decay.
Due to her continuous exposure to the Church and the purifying elements within, Tina is mostly immune to Kelly's dark aura. Because of that, though, we kind of expect a holy war to break out any day.
Her hair is naturally pink. No one really knows why.
Tom is a quiet young man, but he likes people. Most of them. He's not too fond of Kelly, thanks to his sensitivity to auras, but then again even the aura-blind don't really like Kelly.
We have reason to believe that he's related to the Necromancer Cat phenomenon, but that has yet to be officially confirmed so we advise you not to bring it up.
Jane is a rather insecure woman; she's never really gotten comfortable with all the happenings in Laana. Still, she's nice and rather intelligent. If it's a mundane situation you need help with, such as paperwork filing or spreadsheet organizing, she is the person to go to.
She did some secret government work at some point and some paperwork was never completed, so we believe her existence could be classified information.
One of the biggest mysteries in Laana is Kelly's face. Another, the proper spelling of Eric's name. Official town records have it both ways, so we suspect even he isn't always sure.
What we do know about him is that he sees Kelly as a rival and has a tendency to cause bad luck for anyone he interacts with. He's also friends with Matt, for reasons no one can fathom.

More information will be added as it becomes available.